We are a small non political group portraying authentic living history, re-creating world war two German medical
Services of both civilian and armed forces from the period
Specialising in field surgery and battlefield first aid with original and authentically reproduced equipment our diorama consists of a varying display of feld lazarett(aid station) to a small operating theatre.
This scene is actively working, bringing the sights, sounds and fine details of medical care available to injured personnel.
Our historical representation is here not to glorify war but to show the real effects and humanity shown by an often forgotten service ,we aim to honour the memory of ALL Doctors,medics,nurses,civilians and soldiers who fell or were injured in conflict. 

OUR living history group is a
     Registered member of   AFRA
 (All Fronts Re-enactment Association)    

The flexibility and adaptability Sanitaets Abteilung allows us to display as a separate entity or as in many cases attatch ourselves to a larger group to create a bigger overall impression enhancing and complimenting each other for a greater authenticity, Windhund 116 panzer grenadiers, Gross Deutschland ,Das Reich of WARS and the world war two living history association to name but a few are all names we have worked alongside.
we are a world war two living history
re-enactment group,
portraying german medical services
both civilian and military from the
period 1935-45.
a fully affiliated and insured member
we are a non political group
and DO NOT endorse any
whatsoever of right
wing or any
other political ideology .
or support or tolerate any
extremist views
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